Reflection Paper

Building a career and becoming a professional in a specific field of work is perhaps the most common goal of every human being. Career dreams and inspirations differ from each other to the same extent as those, who pursue them. Thus, career paths are guided by such personal characteristics as individuals’ abilities, talents, interests, passions, and in most cases, individuals surrounding. My personal reflection encompasses a self-exploration of my interests, things I consider important and reasons behind my beliefs that made me enter the college. It is also important to reflect on the short and long-term goals needed to support my academic and professional aspirations; as well as the end goal of my education, the reasons I am interested in a chosen career, my future opportunities in finance and wealth management world. Many students seek help and decide to apply to admission essay writing service at

I have a great passion for investment and the stock market. My interest in investment was piqued largely by my dad when he gave me this book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. At that time I was only 14 and I was struck by the knowledge that despite savings are an invaluable seed in wealth generation, investment is what really makes wealth grow because no matter how much money one saves, if he/she dont risk to invest it, the money will not bring further incomes. At the age of 16, having shallow knowledge on investment and the stock market, I happened to come across an article about the Great Depression of the 1930s, and how big traders on Wall Street like General Electric were at the core of the economic crisis that wreaked havoc on the world of economy. Being born in a third-world country, where chances and life opportunities to access, create and multiply wealth are very few due to a weak economy and political instability, I consider knowledge of how to create and manage wealth as the most important thing to any Lebanese. I enrolled in college here in the United States in order to get a high-quality education and get acquainted with a Western culture with an aim of entering business school thereafter. The end goal is to be financially literate enough to create and manage wealth.
A profound knowledge of financial and investment management is a key prerequisite for success in the investment and stock market industry. This is my first semester at University of Massachusetts and my short-term aspiration is to get a college degree and join the business school thereafter. It is also my plan to acquire a Master’s degree in Finance as well as a CFA certificate. It is my personal belief that success in the investment market has its roots in proper and well-founded knowledge in finance and investment management. Thus, I plan to use my knowledge to become an influential player in investment and stock market and to help others, as a financial consultant, to create and manage wealth. My greatest inspiration to pursue a financial career comes from my dad and the way he has endeavored himself to earn enough money to be able to send me to a school in the US to get the high-quality education. This might be the reason he gave me that book when I was a teenager.

Though I have no practical skills in the field of investment and financial management, I have succeeded in educating myself about the stock market operations while reading books and articles about all aspects of the world of finances. I want to become a wealth manager because I’m confident in my ability to earn myself and people money. There are many potential opportunities for an investment and financial manager in the field. I could start working as a financial advisor, a risk manager, a Financial Planning Analyst, an Investment Banking Sales Agent or a Client Services Associate in institutions like banks, credit unions, insurance firms, and brokerage companies. On an entrepreneurial level, I could begin a brokerage firm, become a consultant or an educator in investment and financial management. My short-term goals, aimed at supporting my academic and professional aspirations, are to engage in learning and research process and to explore as many resources as I can to bolster my knowledge on wealth management. In the long term, I aim to save up enough money in order to invest in a stock market.

My career and professional aspirations are in line with my greatest desire to be a player in the investment and stock market. In order to reach my long-term goal, I have to acquire as much knowledge on financial and investment management as I possibly can. I am very confident in my abilities to earn money for me and for other people. I am self-taught about the stock market and investment and I firmly believe that investment is the sure though risky way of turning personal savings into wealth. Getting a quality education in investment, financial and wealth management will be a handy acquisition in my long-term aspirations to be a player investing in the stock market.