Where others see global complexity, we see opportunity.

Our research consulting team works to answer your commercial questions with data and insights generated by our experts and a network of 1,200 on-the-ground analysts in 100 developed, emerging and frontier markets.


How Our Consultants Help You

We focus on building collaborative partnerships by understanding your objectives to create a proposal that matches your exact research needs, with a recommended project framework, deliverables, timeline and cost.


What's Next?

Identify new opportunities
  • Understand the "big picture"
  • Predict the future macro environment
  • Identify tomorrow's opportunities and threats


Where to play?

Refine and priortise opportunities
  • Identify where to play or right to win
  • Size the prize
  • Understand the market landscape


How to win?

  • Understand the category landscape
  • Inform product or service development
  • Set or refine go-to-market strategy


How am I doing?

Measure and track results
  • Measure and track sales or share
  • Understand performance
  • Set benchmarks


Forecasting and Scenario Analysis

Forecasting and Segmentation Analysis with Euromonitor International informs your strategic planning process, performance management and target-setting with rigorous, independent and unbiased projections of future demand. 


How Forecasting And Scenario Analysis Can Help

Establish a baseline forecast

Identify the most likely future scenario and the countries, categories or channels with the highest future sales potential.

Know what can be influenced

Identify demand factors and measure their growth contribution. Know what is out of your control and plan strategy accordingly.

Test scenarios and evaluate outcomes

Discover how changes in the economy, competition, costs or prices will impact your baseline.


Generate short-term category sales forecasts by evaluating the historic relationship between macroeconomic indicators and internal factors such as price and promotion against category growth across multiple countries.

Leverage monthly scan or panel data that includes your sales to build a robust model. Recalibrate the model to strengthen its predictive accuracy.

Leveraging brand share data in our Passport database, we build models calculating brand sales forecasts for thousands of brands, more than a hundred categories and across 80 countries. These individual brand forecasts are later aggregated, identifying future leading global brands by category.

Our models begin with identifying the drivers behind the emergence or decline of distribution channels for a specific product or category. Next, they generate product or category specific channel sales forecasts based on the future outlook for the predictive indicators.

With a visual and interactive scenario analysis interface, stress test your sales across a wide range of conditions, from possible economic shocks to planned product price or promotional campaigns.


Megatrend Analysis

Megatrend analysis with Euromonitor Consulting helps clients develop successful strategies and prepare for transformative global forces on economies, cultures, consumer lifestyles and their businesses.


How Megatrend Analysis Can Help

Identify and assess

Identify the critical megatrends affecting your business. Evaluate causes, links and consequences of the complex interactions and overlap in trends. Identify new and emerging business models

Evaluate and measure

Map the most influential multidimensional megatrends affecting your business. Evaluate the direction and speed of change and quantify the impact on your markets.

Adapt and grow

Innovate and develop new solutions matched to future trends. Formulate strategies to prepare for potential threats. Inform long-term strategic planning.


At the global level or within specific markets, evaluate the dimensions of each trend, how ​it manifests itself, the pace of change and companies capitalising on emerging opportunities.

Strategy briefings and quantitative analysis provide insights and new perspectives challenging current thinking, testing internal hypotheses and updating where to play and how to win strategies.

Demand models predict trend developments and influence across multiple countries or categories and analyse demand factors and their contribution to growth.


Competitive Landscape Analysis

Euromonitor Consulting helps clients benchmark their market position relative to their competitors and develop strategies to maximise opportunities and mitigate threats.


How Competitive Landscape Analysis Can Help

Focus on the competition

Understand the market structure, measure market share, explore how competitors operate and differentiate themselves.

Evaluate competitors and benchmark performance

Compare against top companies in your industry to place your performance in an external context.

Assess the future relevance ​of competitors

Assess which players are best positioned to outperform the market and identify the reasons for their success.


Gain a deeper understanding of the current industry landscape by assessing the strategic focus of your competitors, who is winning, who is losing and why.

Receive scorecards and visual analysis of competitor performance. Compare your performance against top-tier company KPIs to determine your position within your industry.

In-depth analysis of competitors to identify strategic weaknesses and potential risks or opportunities relative to your positioning, customers and strategy.


Mergers and Aquisition Screening

Euromonitor Consulting efficiently distils large amounts of information to ​find best-fit ​companies for M&A activity or partnerships across categories and geographies.


How Merger And Aquisition Screening Can Help

Focus on the Competition

Identify the potential universe of M&A targets based on your company’s needs. Use these insights to improve alignment of individual business units with overall corporate strategy.

Assess, evaluate, and prioritise

Create a structured approach to company scoring and evaluation with clear inclusion or exclusion criteria. Implement an informed evaluation of strategic fit and potential synergies to your business to maximize potential.

Deep dive profiling and tracking

Gather in-depth information on companies that are best fit to aid non-organic growth. Utilize Euromonitor International’s Passport database for future M&A target tracking.


Independent review of corporate growth strategy and M&A goals with your leadership team to define and prioritise a screening focus.

Independent review of relevant stakeholder strategies, growth priorities and individual M&A preferences to identify potential needs for internal alignment.

A map of the overall universe of companies in your industry and geography of interest, including insights and scoring for first-look criteria.

In-depth research of best-fit M&A targets with third-party sources including direct competitors, distributors, operational partners and category experts.

Through close partnership and embedded understanding of clients’ strategic priorities, we provide a comprehensive assessment of the strategic fit of potential M&A candidates.


IPO Prospectus

Euromonitor's Initial Public Offering (IPO) documents help companies raise capital on global stock exchanges. Our analysis offers an objective view of an industry sector from a credible source, helping investors fully evaluate the market environment, competitive landscape and an investment’s market position and growth prospects.


How IPO Prospectus Can Help

Analysis tailored to your needs

We have research expertise across a wide range of sectors, undertaking work on fast moving consumer goods, industrial, business-to-business and service industries. We tailor our IPO research to your exact business needs.

Project management to meet your IPO deadline

Our reputation as a trusted industry analyst lets us talk directly to official industry organisations, leading companies in the market, suppliers, distributors and customers for a rounded perspective of an industry.

A trusted industry source

Leading investment banks, corporate finance advisors and end clients have worked with us on more than 500 IPO-related transactions.


By leveraging Euromonitor’s syndicated industry research, we offer easy access to the statistics and analysis you need, providing a cost-effective research solution for all budgets.

Our research helps your organisation create an independent assessment of an industry sector, assisting investors in evaluate market conditions, the competitive landscape and market drivers and constraints.


Market Analysis

Euromonitor Consulting helps your organisation interpret and understand its market landscape and the realities impacting successful strategy development.


Evaluate the size of the total market and its categories to understand growth patterns and key growth drivers impacting your business.

Understand the structure of the market, level of concentration or fragmentation and identify key competitors. Assess their sales performance, positioning and strategic focus to understand who is winning and losing and why.

Whether retail or B2B sales, market analysis research provides a view on a distribution landscape, helping your organisation understand what channels account for a majority of sales in a country and why.

How key products are positioned in the market in terms of price, unique selling points, target and distribution channels.


Segmentation Analysis

Segmentation Analysis with Euromonitor Consulting helps clients develop relevant and effective strategies addressing each segment of a market, helping your organisation maximise the value of each customer.


How Segmentation Analysis Helps

Pinpoint relevant segments

Dissect the market into meaningful customer segments, understand the key characteristics of each segment and assess their preferences, motivations and desires.

Determine the size of the prize

Quantify the size and business potential ​for each segment and identify the most attractive or profitable segments for your business.

Cater to specific targets

Review and fine-tune product value proposition and marketing mix to customers’ needs. Formulate and tailor-made strategies to target each segment most efficiently


Pinpoint consumer and customer groups based on demographics, behaviour, attitudes and firmographics to understand common traits and differences.

Quantify the size of clusters and segments and their implications on growth using statistical and data analysis.

Quantitative survey and qualitative discussions unveil underlying factors driving segment behaviour and performance to test internal hypotheses and update where to play and how to win.


Product Positioning and Claim Validation

Euromonitor’s global reach and cross-industry expertise helps clients develop successful innovation strategies and ​prepare for transformative global forces on economies, cultures, consumer lifestyles, and their businesses.


How Product Positioning And Claim Validation Can Help

Discover and generate ideas

Evaluate the market, consumer, and product trends to inform the ideation process and build an innovation framework.

Develop product positioning

Investigate your competitors’ marketing claims and evaluate against sales performance and product lifecycle

Obtain an independent validation

Set your product apart with market intelligence validating the wording of your claim and meeting the required regulatory approval.


Evaluate the variety of products available to assess product attributes, form factors, targeted consumers and need states, benefits statements and varietals such as flavours, scents and colours.

At the global, regional or country level, Euromonitor International validates claims through a combination of research techniques and our existing Passport data to find a solution suited to your marketing needs.


Supply Chain Dynamics

Access maps and analysis across supply chains from supplier to end customer across the entire universe of trade, retail and institutional channels. We help clients understand customer needs and best practices, measure sales by channel and develop channel strategies.


How Supply Chain Dynamics Can Help

Evaluate all channels

Build a clear picture of all channel metrics that include sales, concentration, mark-ups and other operational metrics to adapt distribution strategy and priorities.

Channel-specific strategies

Understand who are your buyers, what, where, how and why and develop recommended approaches to improve existing channel performance.

Increase customer satisfaction

Uncover unmet customer needs and wants of channel partners and customers to tailor your value proposition and explore the potential for new or enhanced products ​and services.


Map and understand the supply chain to develop partnerships and winning strategies with best-in-class channel partners.

Changing patterns of distribution and consumption make it more important than ever to monitor trends and prioritise and develop channel-specific distribution strategies.

Effectively position products and services using direct feedback from customers and prospects.


Industry Benchmarking

Euromonitor Consulting helps clients pinpoint priority areas for improvement by comparing performance against competitors and best-in-class companies.


How Industry Benchmarking Can Help

Industry Standard Benchmarks

Identify critical industry-specific benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your product or service.

Measure and Compare

Assess performance against industry-leading companies and discover how competitors are outperforming or underperforming.

Track Performance and Set Targets

Evaluate performance and prioritise strategic initiatives to close competitive gaps or improve growth.


All operational, organisational, sales and service performance data are built to standardised definitions and terms of reference. Our capabilities cover a diverse range of industries and performance indicators within each.

We use the latest visualisation techniques to support quick sharing, analysis and interpretation of data. Clients discover new trends and insights to understand their performance versus the competition and align strategy with planning across their entire organisation.

Utilise comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data to back your business decisions. We help clients improve business performance and build a strategic direction based on data-driven analysis.


Our Experts

We have more than 40 years’ experience researching industries, categories, countries and consumers worldwide. 

Our experts fill information gaps and bring together multiple sources, providing the context necessary for accurate planning.



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