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Strategic knowledge

Explore strategic opportunities and gather knowledge to make informed business decisions for long-term growth from a reliable, independent source.  

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  See all the granular details - track categories, markets, competitors and products either quarterly or annually - so you can anticipate demand and select tactics faster.    

Actionable insights

Zoom in and zoom out using our insight reports, to find the stories behind your numbers. Understand why change is happening and learn from trends in adjacent industries.  


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Our research spans 210 countries and 99.9% of the world’s consumers 

Passport is built by a team of more than a thousand research professionals, data-scientists and technology specialists. Having on-the-ground analysts in 100 countries provides you with a localised understanding of these diverse markets, which have unique characteristics across cities, states, and provinces.

We use the same methodologies across categories and countries for easy comparisons. No other company empowers you with the same depth and breadth of coverage. You will find strategic knowledge, tactical data and actionable insights, all in one place.

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Our clients include consumer goods manufacturer and retailers, government departments and trade promotion organisations, financial institutions and professional services firms, advertising agencies, universities and B2B businesses - including ingredients, logistics, technology, machinery and packaging companies.

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