Standardised coverage and timely analysis of the future direction...

Standardised coverage and timely analysis of the future direction of key demographic indicators on themes such as age, urbanisation, ethnicity and migration.

Strategy Briefing

Global Population Trends

Aug 2023

Ageing, urbanisation and migration remain the major drivers shaping the global population. The number of seniors worldwide was increasing in 2022 and is expected to continue growing to 2040. The number of births is declining globally due to falling…

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Strategy Briefing

Innovation and Population Ageing: Adapting to the Longevity Era

Aug 2021

The older consumer segment is growing rapidly globally, driving the need for genuine innovation to cater to older adults’ evolving and diverse demands. Older consumers are also becoming more important in the digital sphere, given their rising tech…

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Strategy Briefing

Global Migration and Population Diversity: Trends, Market Impact and Opportunity

Apr 2020

Global migration is a key feature of today’s interconnected world, driving changes in the economy, society and consumer market. Immigration has been the main source of population growth in developed countries, while emigration can foster knowledge…

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