Megatrends: Understanding Sustainable Consumers 2023

December 2023

Amid rising inflation, consumers are favoring affordable, sustainable solutions and adopting greener lifestyles. For businesses, it's crucial to segment consumers based on their eco-friendly traits and preferences. This report provides insights into the top five global Sustainable Consumer Types, leveraging data from Euromonitor International's Voice of the Consumer: Sustainability Survey.

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Key Findings

Price-driven decisions top consumers’ behaviours

The inflationary scenario has made consumers more price-sensitive, leading over half of consumers to prioritise value for money when purchasing apparel and home care products. This has led to a shift towards sustainability actions as a cost-saving solution. Curbing food waste, optimising energy efficiency and embracing circularity have become more popular, while consumers expect companies to act and provide affordable sustainability options.

Seasoned consumers are driving proactive climate action

By leading Zero Wasters, Climate Activists and Water Savers segments, Baby Boomers demonstrate their environmental commitment through tangible actions. Recycling, opting for energy-efficient products and cutting plastic, water and energy use allows them to contribute for a healthier planet for their descendants while minding their budgets.

An eco-anxious Generation Z seeks out circular solutions

Despite being highly vocal around climate change, Gen Z is strongly limited by price. However, they lead interest and engagement in second-hand shopping, captivated by the value for money and accessibility to premium brands that this circular solution offers. This trend is set to endure among Zoomers, as a third of them intend to increase second-hand purchases.

Optimistic consumers demand more sustainable options in developing markets

Consumers in Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa are embracing sustainability despite their limited budgets, with Zero Wasters, Meat Avoiders and Green Spenders committed to reducing their footprint. Attractive penetration opportunities exist in these markets as the lack of sustainable product options is a major consumer concern.

Consumers desire and trust claims, especially rigorous ones

As scrutiny over sustainability increases, consumers want companies to prove how their products are effectively contributing to the environment. Adding backed-up product claims is a trustworthy and efficient way to communicate sustainability and educate consumers. The more specific and rigorous the claim, the more it will resonate and engage with consumers.

Key findings
Methodology in a nutshell
Definitions: meet the sustainable consumers
Sustainable consumer types in 2023
Top five global sustainable consumer types by region
Top five global sustainable consumer types by generation
Who are meat avoiders?
Meat avoiders: attitudes and behaviours
Sustainable snacks need to break away from premium pricing stigma to unlock potential
Lidl Germany unveils groundbreaking pricing approach for its plant-based private label
Who are zero wasters?
Zero wasters: attitudes and behaviours
Brazil and Mexico have high potential for sustainable packaging products
Second-hand rise as cost-effective solution, mainly driven by younger generations
Mexican retailer Liverpool partners with start-up to offer second-hand garments in store
Who are climate activists?
Climate activists: attitudes and behaviours
Cost-cutting sustainable actions surge amidst inflation and stricter regulations
Transparency and accountability will reshape carbon neutral portfolio expansion
Aloha raises the bar with local, sustainably sourced plant-based snacks in the US
Who are green spenders?
Green spenders: attitudes and behaviours
Balancing affordability and sustainability is key to capture and retain Green Spenders
Checky Panda relaunches biodegradable and antibacterial cleaning wipes
Who are water savers?
Water savers: attitudes and behaviours
Consumers need corporates’ involvement to make every drop count
Dust & Glow is boosting waterless beauty through concentrated powdered formulas
Key takeaways


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